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Christmas Decorations
Christmas Treeations
Sharing the Magic of Christmas in Every Treeation

Christmas has always held a special place in our hearts. I can remember as a little girl when my grandma would go all out and decorate each room in her house. She made a poinsettia tree one year that went from floor to ceiling in her atrium using real poinsettia plants. I remember thinking how magical it all felt each time I would go to her house. 


We have held a tradition in our family that each year, we pick a special ornament that represents what is going on in our lives during that time. The kids will then each put their new ornament on the family tree one at a time. Each season, when we get out the decorations, putting the family tree up together and reminiscing as we unwrap each ornament from the past years, is something that we treasure. 

As time went by, our love for Christmas and the magic that it brings each season grew stronger. We love to decorate our home and to watch the magic come alive with every finished design and theme. Though Christmas is not just about decorations nor material things, there is something about the warmth that Christmas decorations bring to a home. It provides a temporary escape from our hectic lives even if just for a moment. Sometimes, the worse day can be turned around by entering a room and seeing an ornament that reminds you of a good memory, or lights of the tree and brighten your day. 

We hope that we can share our love for Christmas with each of you by providing fun and unique Treeations and Christmas decor that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. May you each have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

                                                                                   -The Fischer Family

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